This is a list of all the changes made to the game. We will begin updating the changelog at least once a week.

If you have any questions, please ask in the #general-chat channel on Discord.

May 20, 2023

In this release, we continued to apply fixes and tweak gameplay mechanics. The universe seeder parameters have been updated to offer more factions, more shipyards and more markets. We've also added the ability to generate contracts, which we will further enhance in the next release. Contracts can now expire and the faction will take back any credits advanced to the agent. Agents can only have one contract at a time until we have a chance to add more features around negotiation.

Next week we will either need to reset on Friday or the following Monday, or skip a week due to scheduling conflicts with the holiday weekend. We will announce the decision in the #announcements channel on Discord.


  • fixed Retry-After header to conform to whole seconds
  • ships can no longer extract while docked
  • Cooldown expiredAt is now an optional field (preparing to convert the cooldown response from 204 to 200)
  • Contract field expiration has been deprecated in favor of deadlineToAccept


  • Tweaked universe seeding parameters and contract generation parameters (b028d92f, 898abbbc)
  • Enhanced faction dynamics: added faction flag for recruitment status and starting faction field to agent (6b71144a, b6927b45)
  • Updated transaction elements: added transaction to refuel response, increased transaction history to 20 items (dc6f5a2c, dc7501f2)
  • Adjusted game mechanics: increased scarcity of diamonds, lowered jump gate range with cooldown as a product of distance jumped, added negotiate contract endpoints, and fixed starting contract params, added contract expiry and advance credits repossession (b1ecf871, 6465bf59, e1f839cd, 3d30b3f3)
  • Enhanced agent token with version and reset_date (a0c3344a)
  • Updated status endpoint to include more info, reset, and links (f30290f2, 5fc47f70, 37177c17)
  • Contracts can now fail and the faction will reclaim any advance credits provided on accepting the contract
  • New experimental /my/agent/events endpoint which should show you the last 60 seconds of events that have happened to your agent (right now this is just where failed contracts will be recorded)


  • Addressed various gameplay bugs: fixed ship transfer rules, , addressed issues with chartable systems, survey validation date time format, and survey exhausted error, and fixed refining and extraction while on cooldown bugs (b609eb9c, f11a9e45, edc87ede, ac820dd7, 35bff480, cc4a5eb2, 7d43f3d0)
  • Adjusted agent symbol check in transaction and made integer only in pagination (4cb08b63, ee0b9c6c)
  • Ensured ship must be in orbit to extract (36f4e0ff)


  • Provided a helpful message for error regarding reserved call signs (4e6753da)
  • Regenerated OpenAPI types (f123a3c1, e1f839cd)
  • Added server resets page to docs and fixed tests (d5744a19, 79af1229)
  • Optimized several endpoints including contract deliver, warp, ship transfer, refuel, navigate route, dock and orbit routes, sell cargo, and extraction (5dcef3f9, bb0499d4, faca4373, d545f0b7, e6e89f06, fe19bbb5, af8be35f, 7ebbfacb, 77781131)
  • Updated language in changelog, added more test commands, and increased volume for refinement of goods (c08250db, d1c31fe3, c3d24fd8)
  • Added changelog page (20646299)


  • Updated rate limit page with DDoS information (2580e38f)

We'll be discussing what to focus on for the next reset in Discord (likely installing / removing modules and mounts). Enjoy!

May 14, 2023

This week we focused primarily on bug fixes and internal improvements. We also added the ability to reserve call signs with Stripe donations.

The server was reset on May 13, 2023 at 10:00AM PST. All tokens prior to the reset are now invalid. You will need to register a new agent and generate a new access token to play the game.

We will be resetting the server on a regular cadence until we are confident that the game is stable enough to run for longer periods of time.

This will be announced in the #announcements channel on Discord. We will also add data to the status endpoint to indicate when the next reset will occur, and better handle error messages when users attempt to use an invalid token.

Next week we will continue to focus on patching core issues, improving documentation, and solidfying the process around server resets and how we communicate them.


  • fixed exploit with refining while on cooldown
  • fixed exploit with extraction while on cooldown
  • fixed bug where a cooldown would still happen even when an error is thrown
  • fixed the server error message to link to the new api-docs repository
  • fixed bug where survey error was thrown after extraction
  • fixed bug where shipyard supply was not updating on purchase
  • fixed bug where warp drives / mineral processors were not required to warp / extract
  • fixed bug where refueling ship in small quantities was free
  • fixed bug where import re-purchase prices were too low during supply shock\


  • added the ability to reserve call signs with Stripe donations


  • fixed server 500 errors related to database connection issues
  • scaled database to allow for more concurrent connections


  • removed token validation from public endpoints


  • added detail about generating Open API clients from the Stoplight bundled export
  • fixed various typos and links
  • added clarification on how refueling works
  • added clarification on how sector / system / waypoint symbols work
  • added donation link to support the game
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