Game Concepts


Work in Progress

This feature is in active development and may not be fully implemented.

Ships can explore the SpaceTraders universe by navigating between waypoints and jumping between systems.

Some waypoints contain ancient ruins that can be surveyed for valuable resources and technology.

Factions at the edge of the universe are more likely to trade in rare technology and trade goods.

Some systems contain hidden hazards that can damage your ship and crew. Exploration is risky but can be very profitable.


Ships can chart a system to make the waypoint information available to other players. Without a chart, ships will need to use their scanners to detect waypoint information or travel to the waypoint to learn about it.

Asteroid Mining

Some asteroid waypoints contain an abundance of valuable ores and minerals that can only be uncovered by sending ships to the location to survey and extract the resources.

Plotting yields over time can reveal the best locations to mine. However, these sources are not inifinite, and over-mining can cause the asteroids to collapse.

Crew and morale