First Mission

Faction contracts are a good way to earn credits and learn the basics of the game. Your starter contract will require you to mine an asteroid field and deliver the ores to a nearby waypoint.

View Contracts

When you registered your agent, you were given a starter contract. If you don't have the contract ID, you can view your contracts again by sending the following request:

curl 'https://api.spacetraders.io/v2/my/contracts' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer INSERT_TOKEN_HERE'

Contract Terms

Each contract will have a set of terms, which describe the requirements for completing the contract. For example, you may be required to deliver a specified amount of cargo to a destination waypoint.

Contracts have a deadline for accepting the contract, and the terms will have a deadline for when the delivery must be completed. If you fail to meet the deadline, the faction will revoke the contract reclaim any advance funds you received.

Accept your contract

On accepting a contract, you will receive a small portion of the credits up front and the final amount on delivery. To accept your contract, send the following request:

curl --request POST \
--url 'https://api.spacetraders.io/v2/my/contracts/:contractId/accept' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer INSERT_TOKEN_HERE'

Don't stress too much about the details of the contract for now. If the contract is too difficult, you can always let the contract expire and accept a new one, or start a new agent and try again. Use the starter contract as an opportunity to learn the basics of the game.

To complete the contract, you will need to purchase a ship, navigate the ship to an asteroid field, extract ores until your cargo hold is full, and deposit them at the delivery waypoint.

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